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Future Language School (FLS) and Future Language Nursery (FLN) have been developed from a life dream of a group of associates who are all involved in the field of education.
This group of teachers, engineers and auditors is headed and legally represented by,
Mr. Nabil Abdel Aziz (Future Schools Director).

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A thriving community of creative and accomplished people from around the world

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You are kindly requested to read and fill in this form carefully.
Please consider the following remarks a/o instructions


1- Both the registration form and the interview are integral parts of the admission procedures.
No pupil will be admitted to FLS/FLN/FIS without being interviewed.

2- An interview is merely an attempt and a means to assess the applicant, and thereby determine his/her specific potentials a/o needs; it is not tailored to reject him/her.

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