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About FLS

School History

Future Language School (FLS) and Future Language Nursery (FLN) have been developed from a life dream of a group of associates who are all involved in the field of education.
This group of teachers, engineers and auditors is headed and legally represented by Mr. Nabil Abdel Aziz (Future Schools Director).
In March 2000, FLN was established, followed by FLS in September 2001.
The school area has been increased remarkably in 3 successive years, particularly to meet the demand and to inaugurate the American and IGCSE departments.
Then, it was time to go over to establishing the New Future International School (FIS) in September 2007, the premises which now hosts Future American School (FAS), Future International for Special Education (VIC), Future IGCSE and the Neue Deutsche Schule Alexandria (DSA).

School Stratgy

FLS President Marc Tessier-Lavigne

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to respect each student’s uniqueness and strive to nurture their natural love of life and learning.....”.

Persis Drell

School Vision

In cooperation with parents and in accordance with the school system, F.L.S aims to develop each child’s potential to an extent ......


At Future Schools we consider religion to be an integral of one's own charachter.......


Future Schools comprises of one national and three international schools which work with its correlated organization.
All departments work and hold exams under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

- Future Language School was recognized in 2001 by the Egyptian Ministry of Education .
- Future American School (FAS) was accredited in 2004 by the Commission of International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) and the Egyptian Ministry of Education.
FAS, was re-accredited in 2010 by the Advanced International Schools Accreditation (AdvancED).
- IGCSE School was recognized in 2005 by the University of Cambridge.
- Neue Deutsche Schule Alexandria was recognized in 2007 by the Zentralstelle fdr das Auslandsschulwesen (ZfA).

student walking in Engineering Quad.