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School Stratgy

FLS President Marc Tessier-Lavigne

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to respect each student’s uniqueness and strive to nurture their natural love of life and learning.
We aim to provide a holistic educational environment where we can cultivate independence, a passion for inquiry, critical thinking, and a sense of responsibility.
We strive to endow our students with the sense of value, meaning and personnel integrity.
We believe this is best achieved by addressing our culture, tradition, and beliefs to our students; thereby setting the seeds for a future generation of tolerant responsible individuals that can help build a better tomorrow”.

Persis Drell

School Vision

In cooperation with parents and in accordance with the school system, F.L.S aims to develop each child’s potential to an extent that will strengthen self-awareness of their capabilities, their environment and their future in the this new millennium.
Technically speaking, though established in accordance with the regulations of the Egyptian Ministry of Education, and inspired by matchless ambition, F.L.S spare neither effort nor money to supply each pupil with the education that provides him/her with a truly modern attitude to life and one’s own learning process; carefully chosen package of languages and parallel computer curriculum.


At Future Schools we consider religion to be an integral of one's own charachter.
It is our policy to encourage tolerance, inter-communication and acceptance between all creeds and colours.
It is our aim to dispel prejudice and teach pupils to think in an open minded manner so that they may be both aware (and accepting) of the beliefs of others.
Moreover, we encourage respecting the others, no matter how different they might be.